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Arvind Bhallamudi
Designer | Engineer | Strategist

Hi! I'm Arvind, a life-centered designer and a Master of Industrial 2023 (MID) from the Rhode Island School of Design. I'm currently searching for full-time positions and contract work in industrial design and systems design.

After graduating from Symbiosis International University with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 2019, I had split my time between being a lead designer and an entrepreneur.
My work spanned across medical device innovation, 3D printing systems, UI/UX and software design, digital marketing and management.

At RISD, I explored affordable solutions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. My grad thesis investigates a bio-design approach to material resources for a resilient future through bio-fabrication and meaningful human-nature connections. This project spanned my work and collaborations across the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, RISDxHyundai Research Studio and RISD Co-Works Interdisciplinary Lab; 
frequently getting insights from a network of artists, designers, scientists and engineers.

My work has appeared in Design for Tomorrow: Volume III, Corona Design Challenge and World Intellectual Property Organization. And when I'm not designing, you'll find me honing my senses: photographing wildlife, composing music or cooking food!

I've previously collaborated with

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