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Hi! I'm Arvind, a Master of Industrial Design student at the Rhode Island School of Design.
My background is in mechanical engineering and I've previously collaborated at IIT Bombay and Curiosity Gym to develop biomedical devices, digital interfaces and educational programs.
In parallel, I launched a design and 3D printing venture during the 2020 pandemic, and led a team to develop an agile prototyping system, partnered with Imaginarium and Autodesk, and delivered hundreds of parts to customers across India.



More recently, I've been investigating innovative and affordable solutions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and ecology. At RISD, my research is at the intersection of human and environmental health through a technological and life-centered approach of materials, products and systems. I'm currently working with the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab, Hyundai Research Studio and RISD Co-Works Interdisciplinary Lab to further teach and learn restorative and transformative design practices. 

My work has appeared in Design for Tomorrow: Volume III, Corona Design Challenge and World Intellectual Property Organization. When I'm not designing, you'll find me taking inspiration from my senses, photographing wildlife, landscapes or composing electronic music.

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