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Curiosity Gym
March 2020 - May 2021 |  Mumbai

Being the sole designer at Curiosity Gym and leading a critical phase during the pivot to digital during the pandemic, I wore multiple hats at the ed-tech startup and brought creative strategy to the team.


Product Design
UI/UX Design
Web Development
Digital Marketing
Project Management


Dimiour Design is an integrated product design and educational company, comprising a team of artists, designers and engineers. The venture's mission is to enable students, creators and innovators to convert their ideas into tangible products. Introducing tools and techniques in 3D solutions through consultations and educational programs, Dimiour Design serves as a catalyst to explore ideas and build functional objects. Our team combines design, technology and strategy into effective solutions that we hope can bring positive social, economical and environmental impact.

When I started this project in 2019, it was an on-demand 3D printing service that designs, fabricates and delivers parts to your doorstep. However, this posed a scaling issue and we needed to have multiple 3D printers to satisfy customers. In 2020, we started exploring other segments, particularly educational workshops and mentorships.

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Products and Exhibits

In terms of our focus in services, we have invested time in the latest 3D printing technology and have a network of experts who are trained in commercial applications. We use 3D printing with recyclable PLA to create prototypes and final products efficiently and responsibly. allows us to create complex geometries and intricate designs that would be difficult or impossible to create using traditional manufacturing methods, and bridges the gap for makers looking for convenient methods to realize their concepts. 


Web, Software and Marketing

"Dimiour Design brings creative design and actual prototyping to concepts. I was able to quickly execute my projects. It helped develop my design portfolio and knowledge on trending technologies like CAD and 3D printing.”
- Sai Upamanyu
Industrial Engineer, Mars, Ontario

“I had ordered over 120 pieces of 3D printed comic characters from Dimiour Design. They delivered all of it in a month to me, with all the pieces so intricately printed and packed, to survive the transportation. I am looking forward to more projects, where I could use their expertise. It was brilliant!"

- Sagarika Gangauly
Founder, Bubble in the Ink, Banaglore

"I really appreciate that Dimiour Design has the creative ability to convert simple ideas into solid products. They were open to discussing designs, and made sure that you get more than what you envision. "
- Saakshi Kale
Impact Advisor, Sustainable Square

Teaching at Prestigious Schools
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cities touched
The Journey
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